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How To Safe Time Auto-Generating Your Call Center's Training

How To Safe Time Auto-Generating Your Call Center's Training

Call centers are experiencing overload during the pandemic, while workers able to work from home are not in short supply thanks to record unemployment growth. The problem is training the newcomers fast and online. Cloud-based AI-assisted training generation and remote training is the rescue buoy here in these dangerous waters.

To be able to support customers, an employee needs at least 3 weeks of schooling of the domain knowledge, while at the same time, physical classrooms shut down. E-learning is an obvious solution in the current scenario, but even that takes time to create. That is where training automation software like QuizRecall comes in. QuizRecall solves this problem by converting text into a multiple-choice training quiz.

While AI-assistants are the future of customer service, full AI is a bridge too far. Customer service is there to solve edge case scenarios with on-their-feet thinking and to provide empathy. That is something AI will not do for you. The golden middle way is the wise road forward.

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Onboarding Online Training Rescue Buoy

Onboarding Online Training Rescue Buoy

While employees are being washed away by the Coronavirus wave from the top decks into the deeps of remote work, the company training without helping hand will become every man for himself. AI-assisted online training platforms like QuizRecall are the swift rescue buoys that are now sorely needed.

Being in these dangerous waters, employees responsible for up-skilling their colleagues won't have time to transition to electronic training without supporting software. The training material needs to be ready now; it needs to be reproducible, adaptable, and automatically evaluated. All this is fortunately ready to use on the instant onboarding platform QuizRecall.

Some companies, on the other hand, may find themselves stranded in calm but dead water. But the extra time should be used wisely, investing in employee development, preparing for the wind to start blowing again. Those companies which look to the future and train for it will inherit the market.

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Convert Your Knowledge Base To Training

Convert Your Knowledge Base To Training

To produce maximum output, every employee needs to orient themself inside the company. However, upon arrival, the new joining employee has only a hazy idea of the company's core business, products, and structure.

Creating onboarding training takes a lot of time while all the information needed is already locked in the company's knowledge base (documents, wikis, emails). QuizRecall's AI is able to assist with the conversion from the knowledge base to training. Furthermore, the generated training is interactive, adapts to the employee's, and minimizes time spent while maximizing learning.

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