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Let AI convert your study text to a training practice for your colleagues!

Convert a wiki page, a word definition, or a document into training by generating automatically multiple-choice quizzes to onboard and develop your colleagues and friends.

How to generate a quiz and practice together?

Copy-paste your text
QuizRecall is training generation service.
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QuizRecall is _____.

  • training generation service
  • a premium E-commerce platform
  • the current system
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Your team studies
QuizRecall is _____.

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John E
George A
Anna B

Vaclav Kosar
Vaclav Kosar, QuizRecall developer

Itch scratched! The AI assisted me with the creation of 100+ quizzes, and I answered 4000+ questions to refresh my memory as of 2020-07-11. It completely replaced spaced-repetition educational software like Anki for me.


Fouad Sabry
Fouad Sabry, Founder, 1BK

When I founded One Billion Knowledgeable (1BK) initiative, I had only one goal in my mind, is to ensure that the people will not only acquire knowledge, but also to retain the knowledge in every possible way. One of the effective techniques in retaining knowledge is continuous questioning to strengthen the understanding of the knowledge. I have used QuizRecall, and other very well-known platforms to generate questions and answers, and surprisingly, QuizRecall was the best of all platforms to not only generate quantity but also quality questions and answers.

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How are the training courses generated?

The latest progress in machine learning (AI) made a automated course generation finally possible. Harness the power of the automation technology of the future to memorize critical text material faster.

Are fill-in-the-blank question enough?

By understanding the fill-in-the-blank question and selecting the correct answer fast, your group recalls and reasons about the critical knowledge. Smartly scheduled repetition develops their skills in your domain while saving training time and reducing unwitting mistakes.

How the knowledge refresh work?

You and your team memory reminders are automated. Notifications to retake failed or a long-time-not-seen questions are sent via mail. But no longer than 14 days since the first revision. Study group members will be also asked to practice newly added quizzes.

Can I use any textual material for the generation?

Yes. Thanks to that, your training courses are fully personalized and customized to your specific business domain without manual effort. It is advisable, however, to limit the sentence length for the best results. The text size limit is 8000 characters. We recommend splitting the material into multiple quizzes, such that the number of questions per text is less than 15, and the quiz title narrowly specifies the context.

Can I control the quiz generation?

You can modify the quiz title, the text input, select sentences to form questions, edit fill-in-the-blank span, and rewrite alternative answer texts. You can leave all that to the AI, but it is better to review and touch up the output.

How to share a generated quiz?

You can share your quizzes with colleagues:

  • Invite them via mail to study, track their score, and get reminders.
  • Share a public URL to the quiz.
  • Share a PDF or XLSX export of the quiz.