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Generate automatically multiple-choice quizzes from your knowledge base and onboard your new employees instantly!

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How it works

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Vaclav Kosar, Founder

There is so much the new employees should learn, but training creation takes too much manual effort. If only there were a way to turn your company's knowledge base into interactive and accountable training! Our AI will do precisely this for you.


Make sure your new joiners are quickly up to speed using automated test creation and assessment.
Test yourself on your company description now to try it out!

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Are fill-in-the-blank question enough?

By understanding the fill-in-the-blank question and selecting the correct answer fast, your group recalls and reasons about the critical knowledge. Smartly scheduled repetition strengthens their skills in your domain while saving training time and reducing unwitting mistakes.

Why now?

The latest progress in machine learning (AI) made a automated quiz generation finally possible. Harness the power of the automation technology of the future to memorize critical text material faster.


Here we share news, tip and tricks to optimize your training.

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