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Last updated: 2020-04-05

Onboarding Online Training Rescue Buoy

Article and quiz: Onboarding Online Training Rescue Buoy

Onboarding Online Training Rescue Buoy
While employees are being washed away by the Coronavirus wave from the top decks into the deeps of remote work, the company training without helping hand will become every man for himself. AI-assisted online training platforms like QuizRecall are the swift rescue buoys that are now sorely needed.

Being in these dangerous waters, employees responsible for up-skilling their colleagues won't have time to transition to electronic training without supporting software. The training material needs to be ready now; it needs to be reproducible, adaptable, and automatically evaluated. All this is fortunately ready to use on the instant onboarding platform QuizRecall.

Some companies, on the other hand, may find themselves stranded in calm but dead water. But the extra time should be used wisely, investing in employee development, preparing for the wind to start blowing again. Those companies which look to the future and train for it will inherit the market.

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Author: Vaclav Kosar